Our Pitney Bowes inserters allow us to collate and insert up to 6 pieces of collateral at a time into envelopes. These machines can handle envelope sizes of an A6 up to 9” x 12”, and can produce 40,000 pieces per machine daily, depending on the package contents. More information on capabilities and capacity can be obtained upon request.

If your mailing piece requires a stamp or a waferseal to keep it closed, we have the answer. Our Buskro tabbers can accommodate all styles of stamps, labels, or waferseals. Waferseals of all sizes and colors are available.

Our Baum folders have the capability to fold any size marketing material down to letter size. With the right angle attachment we can also perform slit and nesting operations simultaneously. This is particularly useful when mailing a reply slip with a letter package. Rather than having the customer cut or tear it off, we can trim it off and nest it inside of a folded letter.


More information on bindery services can be obtained by contacting a sales representative. Any questions regarding piece sizes or throughput will be answered at that time.



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